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Look no further than Oso Grande for quality gear bags, duffel bags, tactical bags, shooting bags, backpacks, organizers and hydration packs by 5.11 Tactical, Blackhawk, Hatch, MaxPedition, Sack-Ups, Uncle Mike's and more!  You would be hard pressed to find a better selection than we have to offer. Everything we sell is useful and enduring, the best that money can buy.

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MaxPedition 226B FR-1 Combat Medical Pouch, Black
$35.99 SAVE 24%
MaxPedition 246G E.D.C. Pocket Organizer, OD Green
$21.59 SAVE 24%
MaxPedition 8001F JANUS Extension Pocket, Foliage Green
$37.95 SAVE 25%
MaxPedition 9849KF Jumbo KISS, Khaki/Foliage Green
$62.99 SAVE 24%
MaxPedition WEBDOM-B Web Dominator 1 Inch Clip, Black
$8.29 SAVE 24%
MaxPedition 102F Large Cellphone/Radio Case, Foliage Green
$26.09 SAVE 24%
MaxPedition 208K Rollypoly Dump Pouch, Khaki
$24.29 SAVE 24%
MaxPedition 246K E.D.C. Pocket Organizer, Khaki
$21.59 SAVE 24%
MaxPedition 262K Micro Pocket Organizer, Khaki
$15.49 SAVE 26%
MaxPedition 329G Individual First Aid Pouch, OD Green
$24.29 SAVE 24%
MaxPedition 403KF FatBoy Versipack, Khaki/Foliage Green
Super Sale
List Price: $111.95
Save $28.26 (25%)
MaxPedition 468K Kodiak S-type Gearslinger, Khaki
$147.59 SAVE 24%
MaxPedition 517K Pygmy Falcon II Backpack, Khaki
$96.29 SAVE 24%
MaxPedition 9905F TacTie 5 Inch Pack of 4, Foliage Green
$8.95 SAVE 10%
MaxPedition WEBDOM-F Web Dominator 1 Inch Clip, Foliage Green
$8.29 SAVE 24%
Kabar 1217S USMC Brown Leather Sheath for Fighting Knife
$11.95 SAVE 14%
MaxPedition 249K Padded Pouch 6x6, Khaki
$25.95 SAVE 33%
MaxPedition 424G Colossus Versipack, Green
$125.99 SAVE 27%
MaxPedition Noatak Gearslinger, Khaki-Foliage
$106.95 SAVE 30%
MaxPedition 9905G TacTie 5 Inch Pack of 4, OD Green
$8.95 SAVE 10%
MaxPedition 529K Typhoon Backpack, Khaki
$131.95 SAVE 25%
MaxPedition 1805B Tactical Travel Tray, Black
$18.89 SAVE 24%
MaxPedition 9852K Jumbo LEO S-type, Khaki
$78.29 SAVE 24%
MaxPedition 9905K TacTie 5 Inch Pack of 4, Khaki
$8.95 SAVE 10%
Kabar 1225S USN Brown Leather Sheath for Fighting Knife
$11.95 SAVE 14%

It's easy to write, when all you do is tell the truth. I personally do not believe you have any competition. Your attention to detail, superb staff, extraordinary products, phenomenal service, and outstanding prices ensure that. The professionalism that you all exhibit is the benchmark all others will have to try and measure up to... Perhaps not impossible, but daunting to say the least. In having you as an "aiming point," the industry will have to improve, if it wants to even approach you, and your company... The end result will be better for everyone. Please keep-up the great work.
--Carter - Toquerville, UT