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Mantis Knives

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Mantis Knives unites a common purpose of embracing new product innovations by rejecting the constraints of conventional ideas and ultimately redefining the limits of possibility. Recognized as a definitive cutlery and lifestyle brand, Mantis Knives, at its core, is a technology company with a heritage of developing products that solve problems with unique artwork and putting that ART to WORK. MANTIS KNIVES is a global icon to consumers in more than 28 countries with its premium cutlery, and performance accessories.

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Mantis MK-F2 Kara Fu Karambit Fixed Blade (2.875 Inch Hawkbill) Black G10 Handles
$101.95 $99.95
Mantis BK1B Privateer Boot Knife, G10 Handles
Mantis TA2CM The Principal Fixed Blade Skinner, Tire Rubber Handles
Mantis TA2 Seymour Fixed Blade Skinner, Tire Rubber Handles
Mantis T5 Monacoe Folding Knife, Steel Handles
Mantis MU5B Garbanzo Utility Knife, Bead Blasted Spherical Blade, Steel Handle
Mantis MU5 Jyro Utility Knife, Black Spherical Blade, Steel Handle
Mantis MU3 Picker 1 Neck Knife, Spearpoint, Skeletonized Handle
Mantis MU2 Phil A. Folding Fillet Knife, 6 Inch Blade, Zytel Handles
Mantis MTF4TI Chaos Folding Knife, Tanto, G10/Titanium Handle
Mantis MT8R Z'Mora Rescue Knife, G10 Handles, Rescue Hook
Mantis MT8 Siko Rescue Knife, G10 Handles, Rescue Hook
Mantis MT5B Kunitza Folding Knife, Bead Blasted Blade, G10 Handles
Mantis MT5 Kunitza Folding Knife, Black Blade, G10 Handles
Mantis MT3 Classic Folding Knife, Zytel Handle
Mantis MT2TI Classiest Act Folding Knife, Carbon Fiber
Mantis MT2SC Classier Act Folding Knife
Mantis MT2HC Class Act Folding Knife
Mantis MT1 Sliver Folding Knife
Mantis MR1 Isosceles Folding Knife
Mantis MKFS Elvis Fixed Blade Karambit, Shawty Hawkbill Blade, Cord Wrapped Handle
Mantis MKF Mrs Smith Fixed Blade Karambit, Shawty Hawkbill Blade, G10 Scales
Mantis MK3VX Encore Folding Karambit, Hawkbill Blade, Steel Handle
Mantis MK2 Cinq 2 Folding Karambit, Tanto Blade
Mantis MK1VX Midnight Folding Karambit, Hemispherical Hawkbill Blade
Mantis MK1 Cinq 1 Folding Karambit, Hawkbill Blade
Mantis MF4HC Chaos 1 Fixed Blade Combat Knife, 420HC Tanto Blade
Mantis MF4CM Chaos 2 Fixed Blade Combat Knife, 154CM Tanto Blade
Mantis MF3 Slimline III Rescue Knife, Drop Point
Mantis MF2 Slimline II Rescue Knife, Tanto