Progress Vulfix Colonel Conk Best Badger Shave Brush (4.125 Inches Tall) Cream Handle CC1016

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Colonel Conk 1016 Best Badger Shave Brush, Cream Handle 4.125 Inches Tall, England. This fine quality brush comes from PROGRESS (VULFIX) LTD, located on the historic Isle of Man, in the Irish Sea, a self governing Crown dependency. Made using traditional and time honored processes; hand selection of only the finest quality boar bristle and badger hair, individually weighed, shaped and hand knotted. Badger hair varies in quality from the FINEST WHITE/SILVER TIPPED "SUPER BADGER", to the slightly darker brown tipped hair and the blackish color, slightly coarser hair. Pure badger brushes are soft and build and hold a lather better than any other.

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