Colonel Conk Pewter Shave Mug + Bar of Shaving Soap (Fits Large 3.75 oz. Soap) CC137

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Colonel Conk 137 Pewter Shave Mug, Fits Large 3.75 oz. Soap, England. The Colonel Ichabod Conk Pewter Shave Mug for 3.75 oz. Shave Soap, crafted with brilliant pewter, serves as an elegant beginning to every shave, whether it's the first or the fiftieth. 100% hand-crafted in Sheffield, England using time honored and traditional craftsmanship for lasting value. The large side handle offers an easy, comfortable hold, and the contoured base is a tailored finish. It will fit 3.75" sized shaving soaps. Larger soaps can be shaved on the side until they fit and the soap flakes can be used to make an excellent, thick lather. This mug is individually boxed and includes a Bar of Colonel Conk's world famous Shave Soap (a $6.00 value).

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