Colonel Conk Almond Shave Soap (3.25 oz. Super Bar) CC158

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Colonel Conk 158 Almond Super Bar Shave Soap, 3.25 oz., USA. Treat yourself to a shave with an old-fashioned bar of shaving soap. Colonel Conk almond shaving soap has a distinctive almond fragrance and produces a rich, foamy lather. This soap works wonderfully with a shaving brush just like the good old days. Perfect for the man who appreciates the finer things in life.

Colonel Conk Shave Soaps are made with a glycerine base and they also contain vitamin E and avocado oil to smooth the toughest of beards. They smell good, are easy to lather up and the lather goes on well. Lasts as long or longer than a standard can of shaving cream/gel. Gives a smooth shave and rinses allot cleaner than gels.

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Colonel Ichabod Conk Products, Inc., with headquarters in New Mexico, has sold quality "gentlemen's grooming products" for over 150 years. Thus, their motto is "150 Years of Clean Living".