Dovo Solingen 120 5860 Natural Straight Razor (5/8 Inch Full Hollow Ground Carbon Steel Blade) Bamboo Wood Handle DOV1205860

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Dovo 5860 Straight Razor, 5/8 Inch Full Hollow Ground Carbon Steel Blade, Bamboo Wood Handle, Germany. Dovo straight razors combine high quality German blades and sophisticated wood handles to create some of the world's most elegant straight razors. The Dovo straight razor with 5/8" blade and bamboo handle is a premium straight razor made in Solingen, Germany. The blade is fully hollow ground, and made from the finest carbon steel with a round point for additional safety. The 5/8" blade is the most popular size of Dovo straight razors.

Dovo handcrafts their straight razors in Solingen, Germany, the "City of Blades" that is known for producing the world's finest swords, knives, scissors and razors. Today, the "Solingen" mark is synonymous with high quality and superb design and 90% of all German knives are made in Solingen. The Solingen tradition of metal-working began with Medieval sword smiths and the specialized expertise has been passed down through the generations. Dovo blades are crafted using the same methods of blank forging, ice tempering, hardening, grinding, honing and polishing. Each blade is finished with a 24K-gold Dovo logo.Dovo strives to exceed the high standards set by the early sword smiths by handcrafting high quality, functional straight razors of superb design.

For this razor, Dovo has used bamboo, which is a highly sustainable, ecologically responsible product. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on the planet. Due to the plant's ability to regenerate, products made with bamboo are considered environmentally friendly. The bamboo scales of the Dovo 5/8" blade straight razor show the natural warm, golden color and unique grain of the bamboo. The plant's strength increases over time, making it a harder product than maple. Bamboo is naturally anti-microbial, making it the perfect material for straight razor scales. The blade and bamboo are easily maintained, requiring cleaning and drying after each use, making this the perfect straight razor for any first-time or seasoned user.