Dovo Solingen 141 588 Black Star Straight Razor (5/8 Inch Full Hollow Ground Carbon Steel Blade) Pakkawood Handle DOV141588

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Dovo 141 588 Straight Razor, 5/8 Inch Full Hollow Ground Carbon Steel Blade, Pakkawood Handle, Germany. Lovely natural brown PakkaWood scales sealed against moisture. The 5/8" Carbon Steel blade is hollow ground and perfectly heat hardened using techniques perfected by the tenured craftsmen at Dovo.


Pakkawood is a beautiful material of exceptional quality. Pakkawood is man-made and it is produced by using intense heat and pressure to fuse multiple layers of the finest foreign and domestic hardwood veneers. The final product is strong, durable and weather and moisture resistant. Dyes are vacuum-impregnated into the wood, ensuring a vibrant and consistent color throughout the piece. Resins used during the production of Pakkawood provide a built-in finish. Because various veneers are used for Pakkawood, no two Pakkawood scales are exactly alike. The grain pattern and color of a piece is not known until the wood shaping process is complete. Pakkawood looks and feels like wood, but it is virtually waterproof and will not warp.

Dovo handcrafts their straight razors in Solingen, Germany, the "City of Blades" that is known for producing the world's finest swords, knives, scissors and razors. Today, the "Solingen" mark is synonymous with high quality and superb design and 90% of all German knives are made in Solingen. The Solingen tradition of metal-working began with Medieval sword smiths and the specialized expertise has been passed down through the generations. Dovo blades are crafted using the same methods of blank forging, ice tempering, hardening, grinding, honing and polishing. Each blade is finished with a 24K-gold Dovo logo. Dovo strives to exceed the high standards set by the early sword smiths by handcrafting high quality, functional straight razors of superb design.