Dovo Solingen Shavette Barber Style Straight Razor (Uses Disposable Blades) Stainless Steel Handle 201 087 DOV22130201

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Dovo 201 087 Shavette Straight Razor, Stainless Steel Handle, Germany. The Dovo 'Shavette' is a straight razor made by Dovo that takes disposable blades. Each model comes with a #201003 red blade holder, which is the default mechanism that accepts a half of a regular "DE" blade (just snap the blade in two and it pops right in). There are three blade holders available for the Shavette that slide into the Shavette. The red one takes regular Double Edge razor blades snapped in half. The black one takes the longer versions of Double edge blades made by Dovo. There is also a green blade holder available that accepts the same rigid backed single edge blades used by Fromm and other disposable straight razors.

If you're curious about how it feels to use a straight razor, these will get you halfway there. They allow you to be the master of the blade's angle of contact to the skin, something that has a limited range with safety razors where there may be a spot or two where the best blade performance would occur with the blade nearly parallel or perpendicular to the skin, and the Shavette will give you that control. They don't allow you to be the boss over the blade's condition as you can be with a "real" straight razor, but you don't have any of the upkeep involved with using a regular straight, either.