Dovo Merkur Futur Safety Razor (6-Way Adjustable Head) Gold Plated 702 003

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Merkur 702 003 Futur Safety Razor, Adjustable, Gold Plated, Germany. Those who prefer a Classic Double-Edge Safety Razor know how hard it is to find a good one nowadays. This razor is one you need to hold in your hand to appreciate its Quality Craftsmanship and Features. Its Classically Elegant Understated Design make it pleasing to look at. Full Adjustability, Balance and Ergonomic Design make it a pleasure to use. A razor you'll enjoy using for a Lifetime.

The Merkur Futur Double-Edge Razor has six different depth of blade adjustments. Light beard or heavy beard, sensitive skin or normal skin - the Futur can shave it all comfortably. The fine adjustment mechanism is unique to the Futur DE Razor and is patented. Double-edge blade tension is set perfectly by the razor head when it is snapped onto the handle base. The snap-on, snap-off razor head also makes it easy to clean and change blades. The Merkur Futur (means Future in German) is the number-one selling shaving razor and is known for the clean, comfortable shaves it produces. The shaving adjustment feature is nice to have when you first start to use a DE (double-edge) Razor because the various adjustments allow you to get used to the closeness of a DE shave. The weight and heft of this razor seems to be just right and the shape of the handle fits the thumb and index finger for great feel and balance. It's 4.5 inches long and weighs in at 4.25 oz., just a little less weight than a Vision Razor and a little more than the 38C HD Hefty Long Handle Razor.

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About Merkur... Made with Old World Quality & Craftsmanship, Merkur razors will produce the closest, smoothest shave you've ever had. Offering a full line of safety razors, from traditional style to more modern Mach 3 designs, Merkur offers the best of old and new world.