Havalon #70XT Rounded Tip Carbon Steel Surgical Scalpel Blades (Fits #8 and #74 Handle Only) Box of 100 NS70XT

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Havalon Havel's 70XT Rounded Tip Carbon Steel Surgical Blade, Box of 100. These rounded tip surgical blades of the #70XT blade were designed to make it more difficult to puncture through skin while you are working. The No. #70 scalpel blade is also the thickest scalpel blade and this makes it also the longest-lasting edge for skinning, autopsy or taxidermy work. The extra thickness of these superb blades also gives the #70 blade outstanding resistance to breakage.

The 70XT blades fit the #8 handle and the #74 handle only. The 70XT taxidermy blades DO NOT fit the Piranta knife; these premium scalpel blades are too thick for the Piranta fitment grooves.

Your order includes one box of 100 foil wrapped blades. These disposable scalpel blades are also marketed as #70, NS70XT, 70A and 70XT.

These blades for taxidermy, skinning, gutting, surgery, autopsies, postmortem, crafts, research purposes, etc... work great!