Havalon #70XT Rounded Tip Carbon Steel Surgical Scalpel Blades (Fits #8 and #74 Handle Only) Box of 100 NS70XT

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Havalon Havel's 70XT Rounded Tip Carbon Steel Surgical Blade, Box of 100. These rounded tip surgical blades of the #70XT blade were designed to make it more difficult to puncture through skin while you are working. The #70XT is also the thickest scalpel blade and this makes it also the longest-lasting edge for skinning or taxidermy work. The extra thickness of these superb blades also gives the #70XT outstanding resistance to breakage.

The 70XT blades fit the #8 handle and the #74 handle only. The 70XT taxidermy blades DO NOT fit the Piranta knife; these premium scalpel blades are too thick for the Piranta fitment grooves.

Your order includes one box of 100 foil wrapped blades. These disposable scalpel blades are also marketed as NS70XT, 70A and 70XT.

These blades for taxidermy, skinning, gutting, surgery, crafts, etc... work great!