Brunton Gentleman's Pocket Compass w/ Cardinal Directions (Collectible Compass Modeled After Original D.W. Brunton Design) Milled Aluminum Body F-1894DWB

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Brunton F-1894DWB Gentleman's Pocket Compass. Brunton's Gentleman's Compass pays tribute to more than a century of innovation in navigation. This vintage sytled compass is modeled after an original D.W. Brunton design, this compass is a collectible. This vintage-style compass is evocative of the late 19th century period during which the original compass was conceived. The engraveable aluminum housing beckons you to turn this collectible navigation device into a personalized gift for yourself or the explorer in your life. The swivel-style lid with mirror opens to reveal classic cardinal direction points. The Gentleman's Compass features a lift arm that stops needle movement to extend the life of this true piece of history.