Cold Steel 20PC Finn Bear Fixed (4 Inch Satin Plain Blade) Polypropylene Handle + Secure-Ex Sheath 20PCZ

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Reflecting the best of its Finnish heritage, the Finn Bear is an extremely affordable version of our popular Sisu™. It's ideal for hunting, fishing or camping trips, and makes an efficient utility knife as well!

The German 4116 Stainless blade is hollow ground and given an Rc hardness of 56-57, so it will hold a good edge and is easy to re-sharpen. Its blade shape is centuries old and practical because of its good sturdy point for piercing and long belly for skinning, cutting and carving. It's big and strong enough to skin a Moose, yet thin and delicate enough to slice a tomato or cut up an apple.

The Finn Bear has a straight handle with a slightly ribbed texture for traction. Its modified diamond cross section will fit your hand like a glove and accommodate a wide variety of gripping methods. It's made of tough Polypropylene, so it's impervious to the elements and won't swell, shrink, rot or crack.

For safety and convenience, the Finn Bear comes with a deep pouch style Cor-Ex sheath and generously sized belt loop so it can be worn on the waist, slung around the neck or tossed into a duffle bag or tackle box.

The Cold Steel Finn Bear Knife features a 4" blade made of 4116 Krupp stainless steel, 2.5mm thick, with a Rockwell hardness of 56-57. The blade has a straight point for piercing, and a long belly for skinning, cutting and carving. The black polypropylene handle, 4 1/2" long, has a modified diamond cross section and a ribbed texture for secure grip.