Dovo Merkur Classic 1904 Safety Razor (Straight Bar) Antique Style Nickel Plated Six-Sided Engraved Handle 42 001

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Merkur 42 001 Classic 1904 Safety Razor Bar. The Merkur model 42 001 or 42C is a fabulously finished exact replica of the original, famous and much loved 1904 Gillette Safety Razor. The antique style six sided, engraved handle provides excellent grip and the overall look of this beautifull razor is 'Retro Cool'. With it's closed comb (the Merkur 41 is the open comb version of this razor) this magnificent example of fine German engineering is suitable for beginners and experienced DE shavers alike. The Merkur 42 is a timeless classic. The Merkur 42C is made from nickel plated chrome which gives it the perfect weight and balance for a close shave.

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About Merkur... Made with Old World Quality & Craftsmanship, Merkur razors will produce the closest, smoothest shave you've ever had. Offering a full line of safety razors, from traditional style to more modern Mach 3 designs, Merkur offers the best of old and new world.