Columbia River CRKT P.E.C.K. Frame Lock Folding Knife (1.75 Inch Wharncliffe Bead Blast Plain Blade) Money Clip 5520

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5520: CRKT Ed Halligan P.E.C.K. Frame Lock Knife (1.75 in. Gray)
Columbia River Knife & Tool

The CRKT P.E.C.K, or Precision Engineered Compact Knife from Ed Halligan designer of the popular K.I.S.S.

This PECK knife from CRKT features a bead blasted 1.75" Wharncliffe blade with a plain edge and thumb stud for one-handed opening. The integral frame lock design locks solidly and releases easily when needed. The blade has a single-side grind that seals safely against the frame. Includes a stainless steel pocket or money clip.