Meyerco MLNK Brent Beshara Besh Wedge Neck Knife

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Meyerco MLNK Brent Beshara Besh Wedge Neck Knife. Brent Beshara describes this knife he designed as follows: The BESH Wedge is a triple edged revolutionary knife grind I invented with you, the end user, in mind. It is the strongest knife tip in the world. My geometry combined with the design excellence of Darrel Ralph and the quality construction of Meyerco results in "the right tool for the right job".

The BESH Wedge Blade from Brent Beshara features his unique blade geometry that carries as much steel as possible to the tip of the knife. The BESH Wedge neck knife includes the para cord wrapped handle and kydex sheath with neck chain. Meyerco is licensed to produce these BESH Wedge blades through BESH Knives Inc.