Edwin Jagger Mach 3 Razor (Nickel Plated Handle) EDW-R35911

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Edwin Jagger R35911 Mach 3 Razor, Nickel Plated, Made in England. Edwin Jagger is regarded as the foremost manufacturer of exquisite design shaving razors using the Gillette Mach 3 blade systems. Their manufacturing processes are second to none and the razors are made in Sheffield, England, utilizing generations of skills associated with the Sheffield steel industry. This blade head system guarantees a very close and safe shave with the revolutionary triple blade system produced by Gillette. Blades for these razors are of course available anywhere in the world from local retailers, so they have developed a clientele in every corner of the globe who are able to benefit from the style and design of their razors. As with all Edwin Jagger razors, the handles are made to the highest standards. This handle has a Nickel Plated finish.

About Edwin Jagger: Edwin Jagger sets the standard for impeccable male grooming. Established in 1988, they are a family-run business where integrity, promise and inspired design go hand in hand. Their unique appeal has much to do with the personal input of the owner and founder, Neil Jagger, who designs every piece with absolute attention to detail and the highest standards of manufacturing. Edwin Jagger exemplifies traditional English quality style combining it with state of the art design, up to the minute manufacturing techniques and the heritage of long established Sheffield craftsmanship.