Columbia River CRKT M21-02G Carson Flipper Folding Knife (3.0 Inch Deep Bellied Spearpoint Black Plain Blade) Black G10 Handle + AutoLAWKS

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We did it again. This G10 work knife series features premium materials, build, and finishes--all at a value price.

It began like a Christmas wish list. What if we could buildKit Carson's M21™ series just the way a custom knifemaker would: with aG10 and stainless steel InterFrame build and a titanium nitride-coatedpremium stainless steel blade? What if we could bring it in at a verycompetitive value price? Just like a kid on Christmas morning, we goteverything we wanted. And so can you.

Choose from twosizes, just like our original M21 aluminum series, in your choice ofRazor-Sharp or our exclusive Combined Razor-Sharp and Veff™ Serratededge grinds.

The swedged and recurved spear pointblades are made of premium 8Cr14 stainless steel with a non-reflective gray titanium nitride finish which gives maximum corrosion resistance.

There are many reasons custom knifemakers choose anInterFrame build with stainless steel liners and G10 scales inpreference to aluminum or even titanium scales. First, the aggressiveG10 texture gives unparalleled grip. Second, it is very strong. Third,it is lightweight. And finally, G10 is an insulator with a low specificheat. Therefore, it is cooler to grip in the beating desert sun, andwarmer to grip at subfreezing temperatures.

These M21models also feature the very popular "Carson Flipper" blade extension,which aids opening and acts as an additional blade guard.

Unlike the typical custom knifemaker, we are able to engineer our patented*AutoLAWKS™ automatic knife safety into all M21 models, which convertsthem into virtual fixed blades when their blades are open and locked.

As is standard practice on CRKT folders, Teflon® bearings at the bladepivot assure velvety-smooth one-hand opening and closing, using KitCarson's trademark dual checkered thumb studs which also act as a bladestop.

Every model features a removable Teflon®-platedstainless steel clothing/gear clip. All fasteners, including the clipscrews, are Torx®. Liners, hardware and clip are black oxide coated.

So there you have the M21 G10 series. We call it a "premium value line."Everything you could ask for in a custom-quality work knife at a greatprice. Does that make us feel jolly? Ho, ho, ho!