KA-BAR 1226 Little Finn Field Knife Fixed (3.63 Inch DIN 1.4116 Stainless Satin Plain Blade) Stacked Leather Handle + Leather Sheath KA1226

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KA-BAR 1226 Little Finn, 7, Stacked Leather Handle, Leather Sheath. A timeless group of knives that have been in the KA-BAR product line since the early 1900's, these knives remain favorites of sportsmen everywhere. The Little Finn is an excellent all-purpose knife, with a long cutting edge that is perfect for whittling, scaling fish, and many other outdoor tasks. The leather handle is unexcelled in firmness, shape and polish. The blade is hollow ground and measures 3 5/8". Overall length is 7". The blade is stainless steel and has a hand honed edge that will stay sharp. The Little Finn comes with a genuine leather sheath.