KA-BAR 5016 Kydex Knife Sheath (Fits Short Ka-Bars with 5.25 Inch Blades) KA5016

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KA-BAR 5016 Kydex Sheath Only for Short Ka-Bars. The Kydex Sheath for Short Ka-Bars is resistant to impact, corrosion, and abrasion, it provides great all-weather performance, and it is imperviousness to most chemicals, petroleum-based products, and moisture, including salt water. Fits all short Ka-Bar knives.

The Kydex sheath holds the Knife by custom-contoured knife cavities and friction bars on the back of the sheath. The sheath also has heavy-duty polypropylene belt loop and securing straps, plus a slip lock on the belt loop for a flexible and secure tie-down.