KA-BAR 5019 US Army Fighting Utility Knife Fixed (7 Inch 1095 Cro-Van Black Combo Blade) Leather Handle + Kydex Sheath 2-5019-4 KA5019

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The most famous fixed blade knife in the World - "the KA-BAR" - was designed to serve our troops during World War II and is still doing its job, with honors, nearly 70 years later.

Features Ka-Bar's famous oval shaped leather handles. The blade is made of high-carbon 1095 tool steel coated with a black epoxy powder, with carbon steel guard and powder metal butt caps. Knife comes with a KA-BAR sheath constructed of a tough hard shell plastic which is resistant to salt water and provides a hard surface which protects during rough use. Sheath has multiple tie-down ports allowing several mounting positions including up side down.