KA-BAR 9160 US Navy 110th Anniv Commemorative Knife (7 Inch 1095 Cro-Van Black Plain Blade) Leather Handle + Leather Sheath

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KA-BAR 9160 USN US Navy 110th Anniv Commemorative Knife, PlainEdge, Leather Sheath. Ka-Bar® has a long history with the U.S. Armed Forces. The "Ka-Bar knife" or the USMC, was the standard issue knife for our military for most of the 20th century. Through the years, it was made by other companies as well, but was still known as the "Ka-Bar".

Today, they produce not only the standard USMC, but use that same knife as the base for a series that honor the soldiers and events of our military history. The company takes great pains to design blade etches for these commemorative knives with the utmost respect for those men and women that they honor. The 110th Anniversary Knife has a 7" blade of 1095 steel, stacked leather handle with steel guard and pommel. Measures 11-7/8" tip to butt and weighs 10.9 oz. A leather sheath is included and is available with a US Army or US Navy stamp. Made in the U.S.A.