KA-BAR 9168 US Army OEF Afghanistan Commemorative Knife (7 Inch 1095 Cro-Van Black Plain Blade) Leather Handle + Leather Sheath KA9168

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KA-BAR 9168 US Army OEF Afghanistan Commemorative Knife, PlainEdge, Leather Sheath. For several years, Ka-Bar has offered a few commemorative knife designs featuring detailed art meant to commemorate those men and women in uniform who serve our Country. The Ka-Bar OEF Afghanistan commemoratives are beautifully decorated versions of their traditional Fighting/Utility knife. These knives were made to honor those are currently serving and those who did serve in Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan. Black blade with gold color commemorative etch. Leather wrapped handle with black-coated guard and butt. 7" blade. Measures 12" tip to butt and weighs 10.8 oz. Includes a brown leather sheath. Sheaths and tangs are stamped with their respective branch of the US Armed Forces.