Executive Ace of Spades T-Handle Push Dagger Knife (2.25 Inch Black Fiberglass Filled Plastic Blade) EX2

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The non-detectible Executive Ace of Spades T-Handle push dagger is constructed of a single piece of 100% fiberglass filled plastic for strength and durability. With an overall length of only 3.75 inches and a slim flat profile this self-defense weapon is super easy to carry concealed. The double edge spearpoint dagger blade, with a length of 2.25 inches and a width of 1.87 inches, is capable of inflicting a fight stopping wound on an attacker. The molded T-Handle fits securely in the hand and provides the user with a strong grip that is difficult to defeat. The convenient push-pull shape makes this an ideal personal defense weapon. A lanyard hole in the handle enables this non-metallic knife to be attached to a keyring. OsoGrandeKnives.com carries the widest range of non-dectible polymer knives at the best prices.