Executive Ice Scraper Self Defense Tool (2.63 Inch Fiberglass Filled Plastic Blade) EX3

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Executive Ice Scraper. This discreet and non-detectable self-defense weapon is made of tough one piece molded black fiberglass filled plastic construction. 3 1/2 inch overall with 2 5/8 inch ice scaper blade. This one-piece full-tang knife has a double stem skeletonized push T handle for strength, stability and a superb grip even when the hands are wet. Standard push daggers have excellent grips but this bad boy turns it up a notch with it's double stem which enables the user to have a superior grip. Simply hold by inserting the middle finger in the hole, with rounded end in palm to make a fist.

This ice scraper tool makes short work of cleaning ice off your windshield and can be used alternately as an emergency self-defense weapon. May be used as an ice scraper, key ring and ideal for a self-defense weapon. 100% non-magnetic knife.