Sabre Red Pepper Gel (Police Strength Home Defense Pepper Spray w/ UV Marking Dye) 2.5 oz. with Mount SA50180

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Sabre Red Home Unit Self Defense Gel 2.5 oz. Locate this 2.5 oz. home defense pepper spray gel with glow-in-dark (gid) safety and wall mount clip for immediate access in the dark. Home defense contains approximately 15 shots of a pepper gel delivery for easier clean up and reduces the contaminated area. This pepper spray gel foam contains a special UV Marking Dye to identify the criminal.  Home Defense foam sticks to the face of the criminal and has a range of up to 8 feet.


Living in the end-times of our world's history we face uncertainty on a daily basis. Crime is out-of-control and everyone needs protection when they are on the streets. Whether you are going to the park for exercise, or you're a police officer keeping the neighborhood safe from crooks, non-lethal self defense such as sprays and stun guns are an essential component in staying alive. Our products from Sabre Red offer the most potent pepper spray, also known as OC spray, on the market, containing 10% oleoresin capsicum. When you buy Sabre Red pepper spray, you're guaranteed more sprays per container and a more potent solution than any of the competitors' sprays. Even better, Sabre Red's pepper sprays contain dyes that show up under UV light, making it easy for police to identify attackers after they have been incapacitated. Different sizes of sprays are available for jogging, cycling, and home use, so that you can have easy access to protection, no matter where you are.