TOPS Knives Shadow Rider Knife Fixed (3.0 Inch 1095HC Black Plain Blade) RMT Tan Micarta Handle + Kydex Sheath SDRD-01

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TOPS Knives Shadow Rider Fixed Blade Knife, SDRD-01. This finely-designed knife, the 'Shadow Rider,' is a rugged but lightweight knife with a low profile and outline. The blade is contoured for a variety of outdoor uses as well as for concealed carry (if needed). It makes an ideal 'lite-carry' for backpackers, hunters, bikers, off-roaders, and a variety of weekend explorers. The handle configuration (Rocky Mountain Tread) makes for a superior grip in wet conditions.

It certainly can help with a variety of tasks, including: making a fire, making snares, hunting & dressing game, digging, light splitting, building a small shelter, camp chores including preparing food in the field, and if need be... self-defense.

The Shadow Rider makes an ideal addition to a Bug-Out-Bag, 72 hour kit, or for light pack trips.