Premax Ring Lock System Nail Manicure Scissors (3.75 Inch) 04PX002

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Premax Ring Lock System Nail Manicure Scissors, 3.75 Inch, 04PX002. For generations, high quality shears are made in the small Italian town of Premana, close to the Lago di Como. The local manufacturers, with their modern production processes and carefully selected materials in combination with their attention to detail, satisfy the demanding customer with their high quality European manufacturing methods, more than the Asian competitors' mass products.

A very good example for that is the new Ringlock Scissors series. The well known connecting screw is replaced by an advanced locking system, developed and patented by Premax. The Ringlock System is made with the help of special tooling out of the watchmaker's industry and works with a ring and a bearing made of aluminum, which guarantees a permanent tight fit of the two halves. The Ringlock System guarantees a maximum of precision and a prolonged durability of the cutting edges and thus of the complete scissor. All models are made of high quality stainless steel, with an exclusive surface finish, and enthuses the customer with their modern design.

These nail scissors feature a curved tip and overall length of 3.75 in..