Boker Magnum Red Samurai Sword (28.0 Inch 1045 Carbon Steel Satin Plain Blade) Red Wrapped/Faux Rayskin Handle + Black Lacquered Wooden Scabbard 05ZS579

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Boker Magnum Red Samurai Sword, 05ZS579. This is a truly premium sword. The traditional handle, with its red wrapping and white rayskinlike underlay, has two Menukis (dragon ornaments) and two Mekugis (bamboo pegs) to secure the blade to the handle - just two of the powerful features of this masterful sword. An ornate decorative Tsuba separates the handle from the hand forged 1045 carbon steel blade. The slightly antiqued finish makes this sword look even more authentic. Includes a black lacquered wooden sheath and traditional sword care kit. Blade length: 28. Overall length: 40 1/2. Weight: 3 lbs. Shipped as large package