Parker 111B Safety Razor, 3 Piece, Black Resin Handle

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Parker 111B Safety Razor, 3 Piece, Black Resin Handle. This Parker Safety Razor is an excellent razor for those that are have been looking for a close shave with a Safety Razor. This razor is both beautiful and functional! Couple this razor with premium quality Shark blades and you have an outstanding combination that can't be beat!


Most of our customers who are trying out a safety razor for the first time choose to purchase a razor blade sampler as well. This is an economical way to figure out which blade brand is best suited to your skin type, style of shaving and razor type, before making a purchase of a large quantity of blades of a single brand.

About Parker... Manufactured in India since 1973, Parker razors are known for their ornate handles and fine craftsmanship. Highly rated world wide by wet shaving enthusiasts, Parker offers fine badger shaving brushes, razors and accessories with quality to match more expensive brands at a fraction of the cost.