Sharp Hi Chromium Stainless DuraBlades (Double-Edge Razor Blades) 100 Ct (10 x 10) Card

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Sharp Hi Chromium Stainless DuraBlades, 100 Ct (10 x 10) Card. These are Genuine "SHARP STAINLESS" Double Edge razor blades! The name says it all. These blades may provide the most comfortable shave of any Double Edge blade we've seen. Our barbershop clientele continues to rave about them! These are the Genuine SHARPs that have been widely publicized on several of the Shaving Forums. These blades are noted for being "SHARP" as well as extremely smooth and comfortable to shave with. These blades are manufactured in ISO 9001:2000 certified factories on machinery built in the United Kingdom and honed from steel imported from Japan. They are then polymer coated for a smooth shave and blade durability.

We have found that these blades deliver a particularly smooth shave in comparison to other blades that we have evaluated. These blades are a genuine stainless steel blade (not carbon steel) that may be one of the sharpest blades manufactured today. In addition to being extremely sharp, these blades provide an unbelievably comfortable shave as well. This fine blade is a "must" for the wet shaving enthusiast, who like us believes nothing beats a shave with a Double Edge razor! We have had customers tell us this blade delivers the finest shave they have ever received! See for yourself what the commotion is all about with these blades.