Columbia River CRKT Merlin Professional Sheath for Folding Knife Rapid Deployment MERL1

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This true breakthrough in tactical folding knife deployment was invented by Michael Martinez. The Merlin Professional Folding Knife Sheath allows the operator to place a folding knife in a variety of carry positions, ready to draw. The patented rotating sheath body allows the knife to be drawn, locked and ready to employ in less than one second with a single, fluid motion.

A wedge system lets the user adjust the sheath's grip on the knife blade to achieve the optimum degree of security and ease of draw for any situation. The knife handle is held in place by wings which expand into the folder's blade channel. The Merlin system is symmetrical and has dual blade channel wings, allowing left or right carry.

A special locator disk on the Merlin Professional allows eight customizable carry angles, so that draws can result in any of the four basic grips: conventional grip, reverse conventional, ice pick, or reverse ice pick grip.

Beyond the amazingly fast rotating lock-draw action, Merlin allows the user to place almost any brand and size of folder in any desired carry position. The Merlin Professional Sheath will accommodate approx. 80% of conventional folding knives on the market today. As a reference, that includes CRKT folders ranging from the 6401 Wrangler (2.625" blade, 1.6 oz.) to the large 6773 Crawford/Kasper Folder (3.75" blade, 7.4 oz.) and everything in between.

The Merlin Professional Folder Deployment System is intended for use by undercover and uniformed police, SRT and SWAT units, military and Special Forces personnel, firefighters and emergency services professionals. It comes with a 52-page full color training manual which covers all details of use, care and custom adjustment.

The Merlin Professional is made of nylon components with a stainless steel clip. It can be carried clipped to pockets, trousers, belts, holster straps, vests, PFDs, in packs, briefcases or purses; and on webbing up to 2 inches in width. Weight is only 2.1 ounces.

A tribute to the unique nature of Merlin's many patented features is that the U.S. Patent Office stated in their Notice of Allowability: "All claims being allowable..." This statement is very rare in modern, complex patent applications.

When seconds matter in law enforcement and military tactical situations, there is nothing remotely like Merlin.

Folding knives which will work with Merlin must fit within these parameters:

As reference, Merlin will carry folders as small as the CRKT Wrangler 6401 (2.625" blade, 1.6 oz.) and as large as the Crawford/Kasper 6773 (3.75" blade, 7.4 oz.)

Merlin is not designed for use with automatic or assisted opening knives.

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