Cold Steel Pro Balance Sport Throwing Knife (13.25 Inches Overall) Black Polypropylene Handle Scales 80STRB

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80STRB: Pro Balance Sport 13.25 Inch Throwing Knife
Cold Steel

Cold Steel manufactures professional grade throwing knives that are stout, heavy and superbly balanced throwers and they regularly appear in throwing competitions arround the world. The Pro Balance Sport 13.25 Inch throwing knife is an intermediate grade, inexpensive sport throwing knife. Made to the same exacting standards, and with the same hard spring tempering as our higher end models, this sport model is slightly thinner and lighter but made with the same durability and balance that Cold Steel fans have come to expect. This thrower throws well and hits hard when released from either handle or blade. It is available in three different blade designs and is suitable for any skill level. The Pro Balance Sport 13.25 Inch throwing knife is also a great buy--markedly less expensive than the Cold Steel original pro grade throwing knives which makes it easier than ever to take up this enjoyable and rewarding pastime.