Cold Steel Pendleton Mini Hunter Fixed 3 Inch AUS-10A Plain Satin Blade (Kray-Ex Handle) Secure-Ex Sheath 36LPME

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Cold Steel president, Lynn C Thompson, bought the first knife that custom maker, Lloyd Pendleton ever made in 1973. The two went on to be fast friends, and together they collaborated on some of the finest hunting knives in the industry, the Pendleton Series. In fabricating these knives, Cold Steel tried to duplicate Lloyd's work as accurately as possible. The flat ground blade is honed to perfection.

The 36LPME Mini Pendleton Hunter was designed with one goal in mind, to pare down a functional hunting knife to the smallest size that practicality would allow.

Capable of skinning, dressing and processing even large game, this diminutive hunting knife is an indispensable tool that will make a perfect addition to any hunting or camping pack or survival kit.

With the improved, upgraded handle for a secure 4 finger grip, the Pendleton Mini Hunter also comes complete with a tough, weather resistant Secure-Ex sheath, locking it safely in place, while remaining light enough to carry 24 hours a day.

This version of the Pendleton Mini Hunter is offered in premium AUS-10A stainless with a high satin polish.