Cold Steel Pistol Grip City Stick Cane (37.525 Inches Overall) Aluminum Head Fiberglass Shaft 91STAP

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Cold Steel is proud to announce the re-release of the classic Pistol Grip Walking Cane. Now with a finely crafted solid aluminum head, the Pistol Grip Cane is far lighter, better balanced and easier to carry and use than ever before!

The Pistol Grip Cane is a classy walking stick that is just as at home at the opera as it is on a stroll through the urban jungle. The Pistol Grip City Stick's glossy black shaft is made out of eleven layers of fiberglass which, in impact tests, proved to be virtually unbreakable.

The stick is topped with a lightweight 6160 Aluminum head that's been given a mirror polish finish. The head is removable so it can be easily engraved or modified to suit your taste.

The base is fitted with thick rubber ferule to keep you from slipping on the mean streets and cracked sidewalks.