LionSteel M7B Combat Survival Knife (7.09 Inch Black Sleipner Fixed Blade) Micarta Handle M7 B LSTM7MB

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The M7 fixed blade knife by LionSteel is a well-designed multi-purpose field knife made from high quality materials that will adeptly perform both tactical and camping chores with ease. Its large 7.09 inch drop point blade shape and ergonomically-friendly handle are trademarks of designer Molletta.The M7 feels solid in hand thanks to the ergonomic handle that is milled out of a solid piece of Micarta that wraps around the bottom of the tang, while the pommel extends and creates a breaker with a lanyard hole.The M7 has a 1.75 inch wide Sleipner steel blade with full-tang construction whice gives it a robust feeling. For a knife this size it feels quite light and lively due to it's excellent balance and the weight saving hollow ground blade design. Includes a friction fit Kydex/Cordura sheath to comfortably and safely house the M7 between uses.