Columbia River CRKT Ken Onion Hootenanny Folding Knife (3.34 Inch Drop Point Plain Blade) GRN Handle K300KXP

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The CRKT Hootenanny Folder is Ken Onion's latest design. The Hootenanny folding knife gives you the best of both worlds in an everyday carry (EDC) knife. The Hootenanny is a classy folder with an IKBS ball bearing pivot system and an oversized pivot pin, it performs well on everyday carry city streets. A drop point blade works hard on duck and catfish. In between, it cleans up well.

The Hootenanny is yet another in a long line of knives created by award-winning knifemaker Ken Onion of Kaneohe, Hawaii. Never at a loss for ideas, Ken designed the blade to be a cross between hunting and bird knives and everyday carry folders. With an exceptional fit and finish it easily and stylishly crosses categories.

The stylish drop point blade tears through tasks while grooves on the spine provide you with detailed finger control. It's the perfect combination of strength with finesse. However this knife really shows off when it comes time to open it. An oversized pivot system looks cool and an IKBS ball bearing system deploys the blade smoothly and effortlessly.

If you're looking for a knife that gives you the best of both worlds in hunting and everyday carry tasks, the Hootenanny is the one to grab.