Kershaw Emerson 6034TRAINER E-Train Training Knife Folder (3.2 Inch Stonewash Blunt Blade) G10 Steel Handle

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The Emerson wave shaped opening feature is a fast, effective, and impressive way to open your knife.

The patented Emerson wave shaped feature, a small wave-shaped tab on the top of the blade that's built to catch on your pocket seam, opens the knife as you withdraw it from your pocket. This instant-open feature is a favorite among military, rescue, and law enforcement knife users.

But it does take a little practice.

Enter the Kershaw-Emerson E-Train, Kershaw Emerson trainer knife. The blade is unsharpened so you can safely practice using the wave shaped opening feature without endangering either your pocket or your fingers.

The E-Train's G-10 front scale is in safe-training blue for easy identification. There's a left/right reversible pocketclip so you can easily carry it with you to train whenever you have a spare moment.