TOPS Knives TAC-TOPS Karambit Fixed (7.13 Inch 1095HC Hawkbill Blade) Black G10 Handle + Kydex Sheath TAC-01

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TAC-01: TAC-TOPS Karambit Fixed Blade
TOPS Knives

If you are looking for a self-defense knife, then the mere sight of the TAC-TOPS Karambit should have any reasonable opponent fleeing to safety! Colin Despins of the Max Venom Product Group has created yet another edged/impact weapon that is both stylish and deadly. He was approached by a member of a Highly Elite Unit who wanted a karambit that would meet all of his requirements. His unit moves fast and packs light. They operate in all environments so they wear gloves of all kinds and wanted to be able to use the knife properly without having to remove their gloves, hence the oversized finger hole.

The length of this karambit provides a reach that is unprecedented by other karambits but still allows for close quarters fighting. There is a devastating skull crushing pommel on the end of the finger hole. The strike face on the spine is Colin Despin's signature of sorts as it’s found on the HKT and Back Bite as well. The handle was designed to fit most hands in forward or reverse grips and with or without using the finger hole. This is a serious tool for the serious operator.