Ontario OKC3S USMC Multi-Purpose Bayonet (8.0 Inch Black Combo Blade) Brown Dynaflex Handle + Sheath 6504

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The Ontario Knives Marine Bayonet knife is the military issue bayonet designed to Marine Corps Military specifications for attachment to M16 rifles carried by the Marines in Iraq. The Ontario Marine Bayonet knife features an 8 inch clip point blade made of proprietary carbon steel with a Rockwell hardness of 53-58. The blade is .200 inches thick and 1 3/8 inches wide, with a 1 3/4 inch Mission Serration, sharpened top swedge, and non-reflective black phosphate coat. The brown Dynaflex rubber handle is ergonomically grooved to reduce hand fatigue, with a positioning access point for quick redirect of the blade position in reduced visibility situations. The handle has an oval indentation with USMC on one side, and the Marine Corps logo on the other. The low noise multi-carry scabbard is made of brown molded polyester elastomer, with a ceramic coated aluminum honing rod on the back. The bayonet is held securely inside the scabbard by a fitted internal stainless steel spring friction device. The scabbard is equipped with two load bearing attaching straps with cross straps, which allows for multiple carry options. The brown handle, sheath and webbing are compatible with the digital desert camo colors. Overall length: 13 1/4 inch. Weight: 1.4 pounds.