Fox Knives Modras Dagger Fixed (7.0 Inch Black Double-Edge N690Co Blade) G10 Handle + Leather Sheath FOX507

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FOX507: FOX Modras Dagger (Black)
Fox Knives

The Modras Dagger by Fox Knives features a lot of design elements found in various historical daggers. The form, the design, and the research for a perfect symmetry enables you to easily hold this dagger in different positions and make transitions from the hammer grip to the ice pick (reverse) grip lightning quick. You can also place your thumb in two different points on the hand-guard, independent of the size of ones hand when griped or if one is left handed.

The knife has a stiletto feel to it, but is substantially built, with a full-tang and wider than typical blade spine. On the front part of both G10 handle scales, a thumbprint has been milled in so that one can use it with the blade vertically, not only horizontally. These small indentations show the attention to detail and thought that go into FOX knives. The jimping on the finger guard is properly executed - functional but not obtrusive. The full, extended tang ends in a pointed skullcrusher pommel with a lanyard hole. There is a large lanyard hole in the two guard tips and one in the point of the tang at the butt that allows the knife to be strapped to a pole or limb. This beautiful dagger comes with an equally beautiful black leather belt sheath which has a MOLLE attachment and large belt loop.