LionSteel TRE Three Rapid Exchange Folding Knife (2.91 Inch Damascus Fade Plain Blade) Matte Titanium Handle TRE DF GY

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The Three Rapid Exchange (TRE) by LionSteel is equipped with a patented system that allows the user to carry the knife with or without the flipper feature, thus choosing to screw or remove it from the blade. This is the first knife to have a removable flipper mechanism. The knife has a fully machined titanium frame, pocket clip and spacer. The blade steel has been upgraded to Fade patterned stainless Damascus to give this knife an ultra high-end appearance. It features the IKBS ball-bearing pivot system to improve the knife opening and closing and gives the TRE knife an ultra-fast opening action. The user may choose three ways to equip his knife: a simple basic version without flipper and pin on the blade, a thumb stud version with the pin on the blade or adding the flipper for a quick opening action. The knife comes with an elegant and attractive wooden box equipped with a keychain with both Torx T6 and T8 bits for the positioning or the removal of the flipper, the thumb stud or the clip. Designed by Michele 'Molletta' Pensato.