Fred Perrin La Griffe G-10 Non-Detectable Neck Knife Fixed (1.75 Inch G10 Blade) Kydex Sheath + Beaded Neck Chain FRDGG10

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The La Griffe G-10 neck knife is the same size and design as the Emerson La Griffe but with a different spear point blade shape. This G10 knife is made from one piece of sharpened G10 with incredible durability. It's an extremely lightweight but very strong design with a chisel ground blade for easier resharpening. The skeletonized handle provides adequate weight reduction without compromising the strength of the design and it's got an index finger hole for a super secure grip. This undetectable knife comes with an adjustable paracord necklace and the entire package weighs in at less than an ounce.

This covert knife will never rust, it is 100% non-detectable by metal detector wands and scanners and it is so lightweight you'll never know you have it until you need it.