Emerson Non-Metalic Kerambit Knife Fixed (2.6 Inch GV6H Glass Fiber Hawkbill Karambit Blade) Plastic Handle + Paddle Style Sheath ENMK

  • Overall Length: 6.75 in.
  • Blade Length: 2.625 in.
  • Cutting Edge Length: 2.50 in.
  • Blade Thickness: 0.20 in.
  • Blade Material: GV6H 60% glass fiber composite
  • Blade Style: Hawkbill
  • Blade Grind: Flat Ground
  • Blade Finish: Black
  • Edge Type: PlainEdge
  • Handle Length: 4.625 in.
  • Handle Thickness: 0.54 in.
  • Handle Material: GV6H 60% glass fiber composite
  • Handle Color: Black
  • Weight: 1.30 oz.
  • Sheath: Plastic Belt Sheath
  • Knife Type: Fixed Blade
  • Brand: Emerson Knives
  • Designer: Ernest Emerson
  • Model: Emerson Non-Metalic Karambit
  • Model Number: ENMK
  • Country of Origin: USA
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    ENMK: Emerson Non-Metalic Karambit Knife (Non-Detectable Polycarbonate Knife)

    This Karambit plastic knife version of the Emerson Karambit is modeled after the renowned Emerson Combat Karambit and the Emerson Fixed Blade Karambit.  Designed for those applications where an extremely tough, lightweight, non-conductive, non-magnetic, non-metallic, knife is called for. Constructed of GV6H 60% glass fiber composite, it's the same size as the standard Emerson Karambit, only it's a fixed blade version. Comes complete with lightweight paddle style sheath that combines the best materials and design that sets a new standard for superior comfort, safety, security, and low noise in knife sheaths. Weight (knife only): 1.3 oz.

    This covert Emerson karambit fixed blade is light enough to be concealed just about anywhere on one's person. And, since it is impervious to heat, cold, moisture and extreme weather it is natural to hide both inside and outside of your dwelling. This non-metal karambit can be hidden virtually everywhere from the hedges and flowerpots in your yard, to the refrigerator, bookshelves, and closets in your house. Get yours today and protect yourself.

    About the Optional Sheath: Although this knife comes standard with a plastic sheath as described above there is also an optional handmade leather karambit belt sheath made by a third party vendor that is available for the Emerson Non-Metallic Karambit. The sheath fits belts up to 2.0 inches wide and may be worn inside or outside the belt. This optional premium leather sheath also works great to protect your Karambit in a purse, fanny pack or backpack and it can even be laced with paracord for other carry scenarios. Please note that the optional sheath is not 100% non-metallic in that it has a stainless steel button snap closure.