Carbon Fiber Ventilator Pen Non-Detectable Self-Defense Tool (6.0 Inch Rigid Hollow Carbon Fibre Tubing) + Pen Cap for Covert Carry CFV

  • Overall Length: 6.00 in.
  • Blade Length: 2.50 in.
  • Blade Material: Carbon Fiber Hollow Shaft
  • Blade Style: Hollow Shaft Ventilator
  • Blade Finish: Black
  • Handle Length: 3.50 in.
  • Handle Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Handle Color: Black
  • Weight: 0.20 oz.
  • Sheath: Pen Cap with Pocket Clip
  • Knife Type: Fixed Blade
  • Model: Carbon Fiber Ventilator
  • Model Number: CFV
  • Country of Origin: USA
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    CFV: Carbon Fiber Ventilator Pen Non-Detectable Self-Defense Tool

    With what appears to be no more than a standard cheap pen in your shirt pocket, you can now have a devastating last-ditch self-defense implement that you can take most anywhere with you.

    The Ventilator is constructed from ultra-stiff hollow carbon fiber tubing, and has a penetrating point that is protected and concealed by a standard pen cap with a pocket clip. The opposite end is covered with a slightly tacky material to enhance the grip.

    Carbon fiber is a high-tec material which is completely non-metallic, extremely strong, rigid, and way lighter than fiberglass. It's used in advanced aircraft, boats, sports equipment, etc. where performance is everything and cost is secondary.