Combat Ready Monkey Fist Self-Defense Tool Lanyard (5.5 Inch Woodland Camo Paracord w/ Wrapped Steel Ball) CBR358

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A stylish addition to your favorite knife. Monkey Fists assist in quickly drawing your knife from your pocket or sheath, and also make convenient extensions on zippers or keychains. The inner core is a 3/4 chrome steel ball for ideal weight, and the surrounding para-cord is hand-tied. The loop is tied in a slip knot for maximum versatility.

Measures approximately 6 inches overall. OD green hand tied nylon cord construction. One end has a small steel ball which is covered with parachute cord. Could be used as a self-defense tool. Cord may be unwound in an emergency situation. Cord may also be used for making snares, shelter binding, fishing line, an all-purpose rope, a bow string, making fire, and much more.

Monkey Fists are a self defense tool, so named because they look like a small bunched fist. It is tied at the end of a the paracord and has a metal ball inside making it easy to throw. The paracord lanyard is designed to be extended or shortened using the hangmans slip knot for your own desired length. Convenient to carry as a keychain.