Marbles Camp Axe Leather Sheath Only (Axe Blade Cover Fits Marbles Model No. 10 and 701SB) MR10S

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Need a beautiful hand crafted leather sheath for your Marbles Camp Axe Hatchet Model 701SB or Model 10? We've got you covered. The leather on this sheath is 6/7 oz. full-grained leather that is heavy duty and hand crafted. The leather is vegetable tanned with a hand oiled finish for durability and the seams are riveted. The nice hatchet blade cover protects the axe blade and fits snugly and securely with the leather retaining strap.

This hatchet sheath fits mosts hatchets and small axes with a blade width of 3 to 3.5 inches. This sheath will not fit the Marbles model 20 axe.