Lansky D-Sharp Diamond Pull-Through Quad-Angled Pocket Sharpener (4 sharpening angles 17º, 20º, 25º, and 30º) Green Synthetic Handle LSDSHARP LS09758

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Modeled after Lansky's top-selling QuadSharp, the D-Sharp is a portable diamond pocket sharpener that allows users to maintain their blades to the exact angles they set with their Controlled-angle Systems or Turn Boxes.

The latest addition to the SHARP line, the Lansky D-Sharp features four sharpening angles (17, 20, 25 and 30) in a 600 diamond grit. It also has a fine ceramic benchstone that can be used for polishing straight or serrated blades. Perfect as a Lansky System accessory, or as a stand-alone sharpening solution.