Cold Steel 92SFX Spetsnaz Trench Shovel (30 Inches Overall) Modeled After Soviet Spetsnaz Entrenching Tool (No Sheath)

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The Cold Steel Special Forces Spetsnaz Shovel is modeled after an original Soviet Spetsnaz military entrenching tool. It has a stout hardwood handle, a broad flat steel blade, and 3 sharp edges. It's ideally suited for digging foxholes and bunkers, to chop branches, build shelters, act as an improvised paddle, and even as a last-resort weapon of defense! It's even an excellent alternative to a Tomahawk for sport and recreational throwing! This larger variation, called the Spetsnaz Trench Shovel, has all the winning features of the Special Forces model, with the added benefit of enhanced size. It is 50% longer in length and has a slightly larger shovelhead so it is NOT compatible with the SC92SF sheath.

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