Premax Poultry Shears (Stainless Steel Straight and Serrated Blades) Strong Nylon Handle + Dishwasher Safe PX64701000

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These poultry shears are a useful tool made of dishwasher safe stainless steel, with serrated blades to cut easily meat without tearing it. The strong nylon handle allows to cut easily the meat. These locking Poultry Shears are perfect for slicing through cuts of chicken. Shears are a great way to quickly snip through bone, separate sections of meat, and cut chicken breast exactly the way you want it. Also great for opening pesky food packages!

These shears are constructed of stainless-steel with polypropylene handles for maximum durability. The 4" Stainless Steel Poultry Shears feature an ultra-durable all stainless steel design. The handles are ergonomically designed for comfort.