Victorinox Swiss Army Mini Tool FireAnt Fire Starter Set (3 Glow in the Dark Colors + 6 Waterproof Helix Tinders) 4.1330.B1

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The art of making a fire is an ancient and essential skill. Cleverly housed in the Swiss Army Knife corkscrew feature, this indispensable aftermarket accessory kit allows you to keep warm, cook, and survive on an outdoor adventure or in a worst-case backcountry scenario. With this set of steel fire starters and helix tinders, you are always ready to start a fire, whether it’s day or night, dry or wet. The fire steel is available in three colors, each of which glows in the dark, and the six helix tinders are water-resistant, making the Mini Tool FireAnt Set a vital survival aid. It’s a lightweight yet potentially lifesaving tool that offers reliability and functionality in an ingenious, compact design. You’ll forget you’re carrying the kit until you need it—and when you need it, you’ll be happy to have it.